The Firm

Bent Creek Capital LLC is in process of applying for investment adviser certificate. Until such a certificate is approved by appropriate regulatory authorities, Bent Creek will not entertain any prospective clients.

Once approved, Bent Creek expects to offer ongoing portfolio management services based on a few different long-term total return strategies. Bent Creek expects to manage investments as a Spoke Fund®.

A Spoke Fund®, unlike the typical mutual fund or hedge fund, is a group of separate accounts linked to the same exact portfolio of the fund’s manager. Spoke Fund® is short for “hub and spoke”. The portfolio manager’s own money is the “hub” – an independently held brokerage account representing a portfolio of publicly traded securities. The separate investors’ account represents the “spokes”. Accounts are held at an independent custodian that offers advisers a trading platform enabling the use of a “hub” portfolio. Any changes made in the hub portfolio create trades that are simultaneously executed pro-rata across all accounts that are synchronized to the model including the portfolio manager’s own personal account(s).